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This Exam Drills course is designed to supplement a pre-licensing course by providing you with an opportunity to practice taking a test with questions similar to the State examination and allow you to self-evaluate your level of knowledge.

The Life and Annuity and Florida Specifics Exam Drills pull random questions from the topics of Life Insurance, Annuities, and Florida Laws. Each time you take an exam in this course you will be given different questions (some may repeat since it is a random draw).

Finally, for extra practice, crossword puzzles are added on various topics of insurance.

The purpose of this Exam Drills course is to provide you with a greater assurance of passing the 2-14 examination on your first effort. The course uses a multiple-choice format (which is what the state exam uses). After you have completed this Exam Drills course you will be prepared to sit for the state examination.

Should you have any questions or technical issues, please contact the Registrar at or contact us by telephone at 866-357-0841.

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